Reasons to Choose Surrey

Family Fun

Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in Metro Vancouver with a significant percentage being young families. Surrey’s family centric neighborhoods gives rise to plenty of affordable attractions for the whole family.


Surrey offers around 16 hotels and motels to accommodate the needs of individuals, large groups and families. They’re affordable compared to other areas of Metro Vancouver, and many are family friendly.


Planning a stay in Surrey is more affordable with most accommodations including parking, wi-fi & breakfast. Not to mention, parking around the city is usually free of charge!


Surrey is also home to around 10 campgrounds for visitors wanting a nature retreat. With affordable rates and a scenic backdrop of the West Coast, you can’t go wrong.


Surrey, BC has an efficient public transportation system making getting around the city quick and hassle free for residents and tourists alike. Hop on the Skytrain, take a bus, hail a cab, or rent a car!


Surrey is situated conveniently near Vancouver, the Richmond Airport, and right above the US Border. Getting around the city itself is a breeze as well, with plenty of attractions and restaurants throughout.


Surrey offers a unique landscape with a variety of activities from its many parks and trails to its abundance of diverse restaurants. There’s sure to be an attraction for every visitor!

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Enjoy fresh, regional and seasonal ingredients at one of Surrey’s local restaurants. From Surrey’s bountiful authentic Indian cuisine to numerous kid friendly restaurants, whatever your fancy, Surrey will be sure to take you on a culinary adventure.

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Surrey is home to many local events and festivals year-round. There’s something for everyone! Find out what’s happening during your visit in Surrey.

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As one of the fastest growing cities in BC, Surrey boasts a wide range of convenient accommodations. This broad offering of hotels, motels and camping grounds means that Surrey is able to accommodate the needs of all travellers. Find accommodations that perfectly match the needs of your stay.

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